Tarot reading is done for entertainment purposes only. Look, the tarot can be a great tool for self reflection, spiritual guidance, and self-growth but's it's important to remember that the tarot is subject to interpretation and it is not set in stone. It is not always 100% accurate nor is anything in life guaranteed. That being said, a reading should never replace a professional medical, or legal opinion. Any decisions made or actions taken is your responsibility and was not, will not be enforced by me, The Smilingcrow. I will not be held legally responsible for any decisions or actions taken by your tarot reading. I do not nor can I assume any legal liability for any damages or alleged damages, losses, or direct or indirect consequences of any client decisions or actions subsequent to or based on my tarot reading. Your participation is subject to the above terms and understanding is solely at your own risk. 



The Smilingcrow has been reading for me for almost 20 years now and has an insight and intuition into things I have rarely seen.  Her accuracy, even about things that I didn't want to hear or believe, has been spot on and I am very grateful to have such a blessed person who can pinpoint things so well and give the guidance needed to hopefully avoid the pitfalls that may come.  I am so happy to see The Smilingcrow now sharing that gift with the world.

S. L.
Winchester, NV

"I have known the Smiling Crow for more than 10 years. Her down-to-earth approach and calming practicality are great assets. Her readings have always been accurate and insightful and the information I've gathered from them has led me to successes and favorable outcomes beyond my dreams."


Southington, Ohio

I have been getting readings from the Smilingcrow for about 7 years. The most fascinating thing for me is that her readings do not align with my hopes or fears. The one common thread I always see is her connection of her readings to my purest higher self. Even if I cannot see it for myself in that time. There is a higher truth that she is connecting with-like from the source of the highest reason that we came into this earthy plane. She separates and does not confuse with any of her opinions. Her intuition in regards to her readings is very welcomed and I highly recommend the Smilingcrow for every couple months maintenance. Especially for the challenging, lost, what do I do times.


Venice, CA

The Smiling Crow is the real thing. If you need a reading go to her, I did and would go again.


Huntley, Illinois

The Smilingcrow shared her intuition, via tarot cards with me after I gave her a specific intention. Her insight, questions, curiosity, and compassion made such a positive, helpful and contemplative experience. She is a heartfelt, sincere, and genuine spirit. A no nonsense person, direct and real, trustworthy and funny and professional.


Seattle, WA

The Smilingcrow gave me several readings, but I still remember it because it was the perfect guidance that I needed at the time. She is down to earth and caring with the biggest heart and great sense of humor. When she aligns with Spirit, it's powerful. I'm blessed to know her.


Seattle, WA